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Pryor, Ramirez & Amar, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services and protection to consumers like you who have had the misfortune of purchasing defective “Lemon” vehicles through the use of State and federal Lemon Laws.* Since 2006 our Firm has helped 1000’s of consumers saddled with lemons obtain cash compensation, replacement vehicles, or refunds for their defective vehicles; without any out of pocket costs.

With the diligent representation of our experienced attorneys, you are empowered to obtain recovery from motor vehicle companies under federal and State Lemon Laws. Often such recovery can be obtained out of court with minimal time commitment (see our FAQs page) and without any costs. After all, you deserve better. You deserve the new car value you paid for!

Have you purchased a 2011 or newer model year vehicle and feel that you unwittingly bought a “Lemon,” or did not get the new car value you truly deserve? Are you tired of wondering “what’s going to go wrong with my car next” because one thing after another keeps breaking in it? Have you had enough of hoping that, “this time will be it, my car will finally be fixed properly” and then it isn’t?
You don’t have to keep putting up with not having your new car day after day while the repair shop tries to fix it or to go back and forth to dealerships to get repairs that never seem to end. The Lemon Law and other warranty laws were written to help people in your situation by requiring that the car company either buyback or replace your car or compensate you and also pay attorneys’ fees. We will use these laws to help you and to charge the car companies for our fees. So if you’ve experienced enough frustration with your Lemon and are ready to get the new car value you deserve then review our Lemon Law page and submit your car information for a FREE CASE REVIEW.*

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Lemon Law claim process and how easy and risk free it will be for you, please contact us for a FREE CASE REVIEW; you may also click here to visit our FAQs page.

We have a 98% success rate for a reason. What sets us apart is that unlike many many run of the mill firms who treat Lemon Law claims and clients as a numbers game, Pryor, Ramirez & Amar provides individualized attention to each client and claim. From providing a thorough analysis of your vehicle’s repair history, to maintaining constant communication with you concerning any changes in your vehicle’s condition (including our policy returning all phone calls within 24 hours), to diligently pursuing your claim with experienced attorneys who take the time to know your vehicle’s specific issues, our Firm strives to maximize your recovery. In fact, we have obtained over $22,000,000 in compensation for our past clients by following this process.

Pryor, Ramirez & Amar also represents purchasers of defective RVs/Motor Homes who have had the misfortune of acquiring RVs that are out of service for way too long or have been repaired over and over again. If you have a Lemon RV, please review our RV/Motor Home page and submit your information for a FREE CASE REVIEW.*

Consumers in Arizona can obtain relief via the Arizona Lemon Law, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, State warranty common law and/or Arizona's version of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Although our case review is free, submission of the case review form is not a guarantee that the Firm can represent you.