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Arizona Lemon Law

Arizona Lemon Law

Arizona Lemon Law - Arizona Motor Vehicle Warranties Act

Many people mistakenly believe that when their new cars have repairs made under warranty for “free” there is no violation of the law, even if they have to get repairs over and over again or the repairs take way too long. Arizona law says otherwise.

Arizona law protects consumers whose car’s use and value have been negatively affected by its defects and conditions. You are entitled to Lemon Law protection when the number of repairs your car has been in the repair shop for is unreasonable or untimely.

It is presumed that a manufacturer had a reasonable opportunity to repair a vehicle when there are four or more repairs for the same problem, or if the vehicle was out of service for 30 or more days as a result of repairs (regardless of whether the problem is the same).

However, this is just a legal presumption added to help consumers, it is not a barrier; you may still have a valid Lemon Law case even if your car does not have this number of repairs or time out of service.

Under the Arizona Lemon Law you may be entitled to a refund (minus a reasonable usage fee), replacement of the “Lemon,” and to recover attorneys’ fees from the vehicle’s manufacturer. Pryor, Ramirez & Amar may also be able to negotiate a cash settlement in the alternative. These remedies and recoveries are available regardless of whether the repairs were “free” under the vehicle’s warranty.

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The summary of the law provided is meant for informational and educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Please contact Pryor, Ramirez & Amar, LLC for additional pertinent information and details about your rights.