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Arizona Lemon Law

Arizona Lemon Law 44-1261. Definitions; exemptions

Arizona Lemon Law 44-1262. New motor vehicle; repair during express warranty or two years or twenty-four thousand miles

Arizona Lemon Law 44-1263. Inability to conform motor vehicle to express warranty; replacement of vehicle or refund of monies; affirmative defenses

Arizona Lemon Law 44-1264. Reasonable number of attempts to conform motor vehicle to express warranty; presumption

Arizona Lemon Law 44-1265. No limitation of rights; refund or replacement not required if certain procedures not followed; attorney fees

Arizona Lemon Law 44-1266. Notice to dealers and prospective purchasers

Arizona Lemon Law 44-1267. Used motor vehicles.

Title; implied warranty of merchantability disclaimer; waiver; burden of proof; remedies.