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Hawaii Lemon Law

Chapter 4811

Hawaii Lemon law 481I-1. Legislative intent.

The legislature recognizes that a motor vehicle is a major consumer purchase and that a defective motor vehicle creates a hardship for the consumer. The legislature further recognizes that a duly franchised motor vehicle dealer is an authorized service agent of the manufacturer. It is the intent of the legislature that a good faith motor vehicle warranty complaint by a consumer be resolved by the manufacturer within a specified period of time. It is further the intent of the legislature to provide statutory procedures whereby a consumer may receive a replacement motor vehicle, or a full refund, for a motor vehicle which is not brought into conformity with the applicable express warranties, as provided in this chapter. Finally, it is the intent of the legislature to ensure that consumers are made aware of their rights under this chapter and are not refused the information, documents, or service necessary to exercise their rights.

Nothing in this chapter shall in any way limit or expand the rights or remedies which are otherwise available to a consumer under any other law.

Hawaii Lemon law 481I-2. Definitions.

When used in this section unless the context otherwise requires:

Hawaii Lemon law 481I-3. Motor vehicle: express warranties, return.

Hawaii Lemon law 481I-4. Arbitration mechanism.