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Oregon Lemon Law

Oregon’s Lemon Law - Oregon Revised Statutes 646.315-375

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.315 Definitions for ORS 646.315 to 646.375.

As used in ORS 646.315 to 646.375:

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.325

Availability of remedy.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.335

Consumer’s remedies; manufacturer’s affirmative defenses.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.345

Presumption of reasonable attempt to conform; extension of time for repairs; notice to manufacturer.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.355

Use of informal dispute settlement procedure as condition for remedy; binding effect on manufacturer.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.357

Informal dispute settlement procedure; recordkeeping; review by Department of Justice.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.359

Judicial review; damages; attorney fees.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.361

Limitations on actions against dealers.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.365

Limitation on commencement of action.

Oregon’s Lemon Law 646.375

Remedies supplementary to existing statutory or common law remedies; election of remedies.