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South Dakota

South Dakota Lemon Law

Title 32, Chapter 6D

Manufacturer’s Warranty

32-6D-1 Definitions.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

32-6D-2 Notice of nonconforming condition.

Timeliness – Obligation to repair.

32-6D-3 Replacement of un-repairable vehicle – Refund.

32-6D-4 Allowance for use of vehicle offset against monetary recovery.

32-6D-5 Reasonable attempts to correct nonconforming condition.

32-6D-6 Civil action against manufacturer.

32-6D-7 Affirmative defenses to claim against manufacturer.

32-6D-8 Attorney fees.

32-6D-9 Resale of returned vehicle.

32-6D-10 Liability of dealer.

32-6D-11 Time limit for action.